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  SEAHORSE™ Platform Solutions
•  SeaHorse™ is the worldwide leader in innovative Platform Designs for
   shallow water Marginal Field Developments.

•  SeaHorse™ is the most successful Minimal Platform Concept used in
   the North Sea.

•  SeaHorse™ Designs are based on Fit For Purpose GOM Engineering.

•  Upstream Engineering, LLC. offers the SeaHorse™ line of Minimal Platform
   Technology via an agreement with SeaHorse Platform Partners Ltd.

•  Upstream Engineering, LLC. can provide you with an AFE Quality cost
   estimate for your next field development. (See AFE Cost Estimate Form)

    If you don't wish to submit your Cost Estimate information online, you
    can download this Microsoft Word file, or PDF file, fill it out, then e-mail it to:

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