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ConocoPhillips - Bohai Bay
The Bohai Bay Project includes the Living Quarters building
and the Electrical Building for several platforms including:
•  WHP-C
•  WHP-B
•  WHP-D
•  WHP-E
•  WHP-F

The WHP-B buildings includes the:
    Electrical Building
    •  Single Level Structure
    •  Floor 30M X 28M
    •  Fan room 25M X 10M
    •  Estimated lift weight = 1315 metric tons

    Living Quarters Building
    •  Four Level Structure
    •  60 to 100 person capacity
    •  Galley, offices, bunk rooms, and support facilities
    •  Estimated lift weight = 2100 metric tons
    •  Helideck 20M X 20M

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